Furry Weekend Holland

Furry Weekend Holland is a small convention in the Netherlands. FWH focuses on socialising with friends, offering good food and fursuiting.

FWH 2017 will be held in Sleen from Friday, March 31st until the morning of Monday, April 3rd. As FWH is a mini con organised “by friends, for friends”, it is invitation-only.


Our theme this year is SCOUTS. Feel free to dress up accordingly! Bring that old racoon hat you had lying around, or show off your rope knotting skill!

So, why scouts? Well, in a place like the Labyrinth, you better have some survival skills in case you get lost! Let’s go back to the old days of singing around a campfire while roasting marshmallows (or “marshmelons”, if you’re from the future). Of course, we’ll also offer you the chance to earn your merits. After all, no scouts without merits! Watch out for clues on site to earn cool stuff.

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The Labyrinth is once more our location for 2017’s edition of FWH. The aptly named Labyrinth is located in the small village of Sleen, the Netherlands.

The Labyrinth is an actual labyrinth. The location is made up from from a traditional gezellige bar/cafe, adjoining hotel and a village theatre. This eclectic mix of functions makes the Labyrinth a right maze of traditional rooms with several lounges, three bars, and a variety of comfortable bedrooms.

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New for 2017: FWH B&B. This is our version of an Early Arrival, where FWH acts as a bed & breakfast location to allow those coming from far to do some sightseeing. Please read on for details, prices and options!

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FWH is all about good food, drinks and hanging out with friends. Due to the nature of our convention, we don’t offer pre-scheduled events. However, you are most welcome to organise an event if you feel FWH would be more complete with a dance competition or games.

If you need equipment or more information about hosting an event, please contact us. Feel free to use our forum to plan events and see who else might be interested!

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FWH Prime

Our FWH Prime TV channel continues to expand so it’ll be back for 2017! Attendees can follow our @FWHPrime Twitter account and tweet pictures at us. The pictures will be shown on the TV screens around the location. Next to that, we also display information on the meals, group photo, and other important things.

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FWH started as, and still is, an event for friends, by friends. The main focus of FWH is to sit down and talk to friends you don’t get to see a lot, or to have some down time from staffing other conventions. As such, we work with an invite-only system.

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